We specialise in the removal and safe disposal of wet and dry waste. Our wet and dry vacuum solutions are fast and efficient. Industrial strength vacuum trucks are capable of cleaning out large sewer systems, but sill light and mobile enough to do the delicate work of reaching underground tankers.

The Combination Sewer Cleaning Recycling Units used by Khuduyane Quigley, are especially designed for the rugged African Environment. These Water Recycling Units save you time, money and water in conjunction with an increase in productivity.

Conservation, Green, Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Recyclable are all of paramount importance to us. These are words that do not come to mind when discussing sewer cleaning combination units, but they should.

These units feature an on-board recycling system, which not only promises to reduce costs but also increase productivity.

Recycling recoups the water you are jetting including any water that is in the sewer line making production last all day.

ECO-Vac Truck Benefits:

• Wet and dry suction capability
• Uses water obtained from sewer lines on site
•  Has the ability to save up to 168000 litres of clean water per one 8 hour shift per truck.
•  Rescue Rod fleet of 11 Eco-Vacs Truck on average saves 1 848 000 litres per day.

• Due to its contact free rotor design, the vacuum pump is also extremely quiet which drastically reduces noise pollution levels.

Megavac Unit in Action


  • Removes BOD and COD from water efficiently
  • Can be used onsite, without a water supply
  • Sound proof
  • Air shock filter cleaning system
  • A flexible solution for sludge processing, which doesn’t require a fixed plant
  • Recycling effluent water is more cost effective that pumping in fresh water
  • Only recycled water is used so there’s no water wastage
  • Hydraulic powered tipping mechanism
  • 8″ suction connection
  • Stainlesss steel control box made of stainless steel
  • Self-discharging rear door with blowing unit.
  • Can be loaded through vacuum function as well as accessible manhole cover

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