We emphasise the importance of being eco-friendly in all of our business activities. We’ve taken every step possible to reduce the negative effects that people and businesses can have on the environment.

We use only environmentally friendly methods of cleaning here at KQ. There are quick and dirty ways to do the type of work that we do, but these methods often end up doing more harm to the environment than anything else. We’re committed to constant improvement and are constantly searching for more efficient and safer ways of providing pipeline services.

Khuduyane Quigley Saves Water

The Combination Sewer Cleaning Recycling Units used by Khuduyane Quigley, saves you time, money and water in conjunction with an increase in productivity.

Conservation, Green, Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Recyclable are all of paramount importance to us. These are words that do not come to mind when discussing sewer cleaning combination units, but they should.

These units feature an on-board recycling system, which not only promises to reduce costs but also increase productivity. Recycling recoups the water you are jetting including any water that is in the sewer line making production last all day.

Responsible Waste Disposal

Anything that we remove from a site, whether it’s sludge, pollutants or dangerous chemicals, is disposed of safely and properly. We strive to maintain the highest possible standards of quality in waste disposal and ensure that all engineers are properly trained to keep up with these strict standards.

Any waste is taken directly to a treatment plant where it is processed. This processing will break down any materials until they can be recycled and any harmful elements have been neutralised. The waste is then harmless to plants, animals, and humans.

Minimising Impact on the Environment

In order to minimise both the environmental impact of our practices and to reduce unnecessary costs, we aim to be as efficient as possible. We don’t rely on the potentially harmful and expensive activities involved with pipeline servicing. We don’t dig massive trenches or use invasive pipe surveying methods. Rather, we use the technology at our disposal to minimise any impact on the environment.

As we strive to offer an effective service and we are constantly upgrading our equipment. Newer, more advanced equipment will often replace multiple old pieces and make them redundant. This streamlining serves to reduce damage to the ecosystem and to improve our quality of service and efficiency.