CCTV Pipeline Inspection Survey’s are used to find out exactly what’s blocking the drain or pipeline and where exactly that blockage is.

Often with problematic drain blockages, our technicians need to see exactly what’s going on. However, it can be difficult to get a visual on a blockage inside a pipe that’s only 20 centimeters wide and snakes around corners and bends for 30 meters.

With a CCTV inspection system we can send a remote controlled camera down almost any narrow and twisting tunnel. The images from the camera are then transmitted live back to an engineer. We can accurately map out an entire piping system with these cameras, to ensure that there are no accidents caused by having to guess where all the pipes lie. We can map out the most direct route to reach a problem and also find the most efficient routes for future maintenance.

Benefits Of CCTV Pipeline Inspection

  • Easy to set up
  • Can access pipe diameters 150mm x 600mm.
  • Has a 600 meter length range to explore
  • System is fully waterproof
  • Camera is impact and abrasion resistant
  • Have full visual on any obstructions
  • Map out entire pipe systems in detail
  • Footage is in full colour and HD

Wincan Reporting Software

Khuduyane Quigley uses Wincan for all CCTV reporting and data storage. The WinCan Software is a specialized application for the inspection and administration of wastewater network systems. WinCan offers different solutions starting with the collection of the inspection data to the analysis of this data and finally the integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

GIS Mapping

Khuduyane Quigley is equipped with the right equipment to create GIS (geographic information systems) which are designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.
Some examples include:

  • Public Participation GIS
  • Road networking
  • Wastewater and stormwater systems
  • Waste management

Sonar Laser Profiling

Sonar Laser Profiling systems gives accurate data about the shape, capacity, ovality and deformation of pipelines.  It supplies customers with in-depth reports regarding corrosion, debris levels and accurate pipe measurements enabling informed decisions on pipe integrity and rehabilitation programmes.

Using CCTV Inspection Cameras, we can inspect:

  • Pipes
  • Airconditioning systems
  • Cable pits
  • Powerstation lines
  • Filtering units
  • Underground cavities