Over the past two and a half decades, Khuduyane Quigley has established itself as a leading player in the waste management and industrial cleaning industries in Southern Africa. Khuduyane Quigley’s focus regarding industrial cleaning has been on the  development and increase in the use of cutting edge, virtually hands-free technologies, making it safer for operators to work and allowing for more complex tasks to be completed expediently.

At this time of the year, the December shut down periods afford our clients a severely restricted period of time to clean the relevant areas on site and efficiency is of the essence.

Khuduyane Quigley’s extensive range of equipment and trained operators, regulated by industrial bodies that govern our industry,  gives us the cutting-edge with our 365 days a year services available to our clients Khuduyane Quigley’s enviable arsenal of equipment is one of its major success factors in executing successful projects. In December 2017, Khuduyane Quigley undertook a myriad of shut down projects wherein planning was of paramount importance. Khuduyane Quigley assisted relevant mines and processing plants to clean some previously inaccessible areas with ease and coupled with our focus on green and eco-friendly recycling units,  saving time as well as our precious water resources with our built in onboard water recycling units resulting in clients extremely happy with the results achieved. Read about a few of our December shut success stories and what our clients had to say.  Don’t delay – book your December shut today.

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Facility Shutdown Maintenance

Facility or “planned” shutdown maintenance is vital for any production facility.

Access to these plants and equipment is usually restricted during routine operations, so planned shutdowns provide the opportunity for the engineering team to complete major maintenance to the plant as well as equipment.

No matter how efficient a plant is run, a shutdown is required to be able to withstand the number of services it can provide, and similar to any other industry that requires heavy machinery and equipment to operate, there will always be operational and warranty requirements as to when it should be inspected or serviced. If you plan accordingly, having Khuduyane Quigley that can respond quickly to replacement and/or hiring needs can significantly mean success or failure to a turnaround schedule.

Khuduyane Quigley undertook a number of shut down projects in December 2017 with glowing reviews from all our clients. We vacuumed sludge at a mine in the south of Johannesburg and the client was extremely happy with the efficiency of the teams and the works were completed over a period of 6 days within time and budget. Our client comment that “With Khuduyane Quigley’s trained operators and the Kaiser eco-recycling combination unit made for a formidable team on site working efficiently and with precision.  The works were professionally completed in time. We will be making use of their services again at the end of 2018.”
A production facility in Nigel utilised our services to clean out their sumps during their shut down in December 2017.  Khuduyane Quigley’s team of professionally trained operators and cutting-edge equipment which is unrivalled in the industry, successfully completed the job with 3 Kaiser eco-recycling combination units and the Megavac eco unit. The client has put in a request for the same works to be conducted this year.

Facility Waste Removal:

Major shutdowns can lead to considerable waste. Make sure this is removed immediately and is not allowed to build up. Khuduyane Quigley cleaned a client’s coolant water tower and removed oils, liquid and sludge with use of our Kaiser eco-recycling combination unit and the Megavac Eco unit during their December shut in 2017.  The client was extremely happy with the professional service provided and has booked our services again for 2018.
Khuduyane Quigley’s comprehensive management of major plant shutdowns draws on our full range of industrial services including high-pressure water jetting of pipelines/culverts, wet or dry vacuuming of :

  • Cleaning up in emergencies
  • Catalyst work
  • Soil suctioning
  • industrial cleaning
  • Onshore activities
  • Petrochemical activities
  • Cleaning pits
  • Cleaning sewers and drains
  • Shut-down cleaning activities
  • Silo cleaning
  • Transport activities
  • Vacuum cleaning activities
  • Surface water cleaning
  • Cleaning ships
  • Ballast suction
  • Suctioning and displacing dry and wet substances
  • Pumping
  • Cleaning ovens
  • Removal of ash
  • Blasting grit suction
  • Blast furnace slag removal
  • Cleaning crawl spaces

Vacuum Truck Units

megavac_4(1).jpgThe KOKS Megavac Eco Units are powerful truck mounted units which are highly advanced and capable of extracting waste from even the most stubborn systems and large enough to hold high volumes of waste before requiring disposal. The industrial cleaning strength of this technology can reach very high blowing and suction levels, ridding even tricky areas of wet and dry waste.

Services include:

  • Wet vacuuming
  • Dry vacuuming
  • Environmentally hazardous waste collection

Combination Units


The cleansing power of water is taken to new levels with these super-efficient washer units that jet water at phenomenal levels of pressure against surfaces, removing any unwanted marks and waste, regardless of how stubborn the material is. The powerful industrial cleaning vacuum unit then effectively removes all dislodged waste, recycling the water in the system.

Services include:

  • Drain and pipe cleaning
  • Deep surface cleaning
  • Stripping objects and surfaces


High Pressure Water Jet Units4.jpg

The cleansing power of water once again holds true with these versatile units that can strip away almost any material off a variety of surfaces. It does this by spraying very concentrated jets of water against objects, removing any foreign material attached to it, even paint, as it is fed through the length of the system. This solution is perfect for cleaning drains when no other solutions has helped and has been proven to increase the lifespan of your drain and pipeline systems as the process removes contaminants that weaken the drainage without impacting the pipeline itself.
Services Include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Stripping paint and rubber deposits